Block Captains

The Block Captains: Key to the success of our Neighborhood Watch Program. meeting-sign-in-v.2

There are already numerous Block Captains and Watch Programs in place throughout Terra Linda & Marinwood. Our goal is to support them and offer updated information and resources for their continued success.

We are also looking to have new Neighborhood Coordinators and Block Captains! Below are listed duties & responsibilities. You may choose to have a watch meeting at your house or go to the surrounding houses on your street and speak with your neighbors.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Neighborhood Coordinator (This job can be done by the Block Captain in smaller neighborhoods)

Coordinates activities of Block Captains and Block Watchers participating in program.

Informs and recruits neighborhood residents into the Watch Program.

Acts as a liaison with the TL Marinwood Neighborhood Watch Program and disseminates information communicated to them which may lead to the solution of a crime.

2. Block Captains

Hosts a Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Personally visits each home or apartment on his/her street, announcing the meeting and encouraging neighbors to participate.

Acts as a base station for hand outs, window stickers and information. In this manner, neighbors can pick up materials from their Block Captain in order to participate in the program.

Distributes Crime Prevention materials to those residents who were unable to attend meetings. Support the organization of an email list to inform neighbors of the watch program and burglary updates.

The goal is for a large percentage of participation from each resident on the block in order to achieve the program objectives. The Block Captain is encouraged to personally contact those neighbors who have not participated in the program.

Acts as a liaison with the TL Marinwood Watch Program and disseminates any information communicated to them which may lead to the solution of a crime.

3. Block Watcher (All neighbors in our community)

Acts as eyes and ears for their neighbors and reports any suspicious activity.

Reads crime prevention materials emailed and furnished to them.

Checks neighbors’ homes when they are out-of-town.

Cooperates and assists the Block Captains.

In conclusion, working together we can make our community safer, get to know your neighbors and keep a watchful eye out for them. The end result will be to build a stronger sense of community for Terra Linda and Marinwood.