Block Captain Resources

Master documents and sign up forms.

1) Block Captain Sign Up Form: Block Captain Sign Up Sheet-rft

Your sign up sheet to gather names, phone and emails of your neighbors.

2) Block Captain Hand Out Form: Block Captain Hand Out 

Half page hand out to give neighbors, which has block captain contact info, website info and police info.

3) Ten Security Tips for the house: 10 Security Tips flyer Security

Tips you can print out and give to your neighbors.

4) Neighborhood Watch Information and Tips: Neighborhood Watch Info & Tips

Overview document on what a neighborhood Watch is and tips.

5) Crime Reports: Sheriff’s website (Crime Reports Search Box, report of crimes in this area)

Website Links:

1) National Neighborhood Watch Institute: (website for watch community signs, hand outs, window stickers, etc.)

2) Get Ready:  (national resource site)

3) Marinwood CERT: (Our sister website on emergency preparedness)